Support Group for Those Struggling to Cope

  - Group Full -

We had a good response from the community. The group is full and functioning.

Please email if you want to be kept informed about possible future groups


     Mondays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
     Sept 21 - Dec 14
     Murray St. Baptist Church
     Peterborough, ON

     No cost to participants
     Self referrals welcome

Group sitting

Note -  Anyone can apply.     Contact: Paul Fox - confidential@thecastprojects.ca

      We all experience trauma in different ways throughout our lives and for the most part we have the capacity and resilience to move past the experience in a health and balanced way. For some, the traumatic experience depletes their resources and resilience to such an extent that they find it difficult to cope with their lives.
     Inability to cope can show up as broken relationships, reduced physical health, difficulty maintaining employment, anxiety, and depression.  This new 12 week support group is designed to help people suffering from the aftermath of simple and complex trauma. We will be providing a safe environment for learning new coping strategies, sharing, experiencing group activities, and psychoeducation.
Some clients feel they have fallen through the cracks and this support group is intended to provide a safe haven for them to discover their personal healing path.


      Have you felt like you are losing it since – caught in a storm of emotions that sets your heart racing?  Do you feel lost and alone?  Can you no longer keep it together? You may have been  traumatized.

     This is a support group for you – a place to learn what is happening to you, a place to learn and share ways to cope – maybe a place to help you figure out where to go to get help or what you need to do to get better.  But definitely, it is to be a place to let you feel less crazy and alone.

 There are other places to talk about your trauma when you want to.  Here you can get information to help you cope so you can get through your day or week.

This is a 'pilot' - What does that mean?
A 'pilot' is a group that has new components and participants are asked for feedback to help identify the success of the various sections - from intake forms, to content, structure, delivery etc. 

Judy Johnson:  Peterborough Psychologist in private practice

Tom Regehr: Tom designed and ran the C.A.S.T. support groups from 2000 -2005.  It included 5 general groups in Peel, Halton and Wellington regions, a family group and a woman's' group. He taught about groups for OSHNET, was consulted by the MOHLTC, CAMH and various others on working with people in early recovery.  Tom has been developing and delivering trainings about trauma full time since 2004.

Becca Partington:  Has experience facilitating groups with the Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth program, as well  she Coordinated a provincial peer support program for adults (survivors and caregivers) living with the effects of Acquired Brain Injury from 2006 - 2009

Scotty Harmon: Direct personal experience with trauma, addiction and support groups

Note: Some details of the format and content will be up to the participants.

Online Application/referral form LINK


Main Facilitator: Paul Fox  
Visiting and Relief facilitators
(see bios above)
    Judy Johnson   
            Tom Regehr      


Do you accept people from outside Peterborough county? 
             Yes, we do. There are no geographic limitations.

Is there a referral deadline?
             We appreciate referrals as early as possible but Sept 11 is a deadline.

Can I just apply to attend directly?
             Yes, this is what we call a 'self referral".  Just fill out the form.

Is there an age limit?
            We ask for people 18 and older.

Is parking available?
            Yes, lots, at no cost.


Questions or to make a referral:         
Paul Fox - confidential@thecastprojects.ca

Self referrals welcome!

Online Application/referral form LINK

Questions about The CAST Projects: becca@cast-canada.ca



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