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Do you ever wonder why some kids fall into a path of addiction and suffering or get in trouble with the law while other kids in similar environments thrive and grow? Research shows clearly that one major variable is social-emotional skills; particularly the ability to be aware of emotions, accept them and to some extent control them. This is referred to as self-regulation.



"If there is one thing we should be doing to help reduce the risk of developing addiction and mental health issues, it is to help children in primary and senior public schools learn emotional self regulation and distress tolerance."
Dr. Ronald Fraser, MD, CSPQ, FRCPC,
McGill & Dalhousie University
Dr. Fraser is a world renowned expert in
evidence-based addiction and mental health expert

At The CAST Projects we have developed a program aimed to achieve just this. Along with The Abundance Project, we have developed an after school program with a healthy eating and cooking component as well as emotional skill awareness and adeptness sessions called CHOP-talk. We are pleased to use the family dinner model as a place to connect, share our food and discuss important topics. The Grade 7/8 students from Percy Centennial Public School completed a pilot project in the fall of 2016 at The Gathering Place at St. Paul’s United Church that was successful in every way. We were surprised and excited to have a waiting list to attend a second session which we ran in the spring of 2017 with some additions and amendments made as a result of the pilot program evaluations.

"Self-regulation is an essential capacity for learning and healthy human development.  Working together to foster self-regulation in kids, and the adults that support them, we can change lives and build healthier, more sustainable communities."
The Canadian Self Regulation Initiative

We are confident that the program helps the youth in all aspects of their lives – relationships, communication skills, physical and physiological wellness, academic success, employment, volunteerism and personal contentment. 


Kids in the kitchen


"I think everyone should do CHOPtalk. We may never need to find the value in x and y, but cooking and feelings are skills that everyone should have"

-Youth participant


Laureen Partington - Volunteer, board member, mother and yoga instructor works with the kids.

"I like the relaxation part because it was calming and relaxing!"
-Youth participant

The CAST Projects Choptalk Kids Yoga Self regulations


The CAST Projects Choptalk

"The first time I made chicken from scratch I was very proud. CHOPtalk gave me the confidence to cook those kinds of meals and show me that I can"

- Youth participant

"Now I can prepare better, healthier meals when I'm babysitting"
-Youth participant


Becca Partington
, Director of Operations for The CAST Projects and mother of 2, lives in Norwood. Becca runs the 'talk' portion of CHOPtalk, facilitating the emotional learning discussions and activities with the youth. Becca is the person to call with any questions or concerns or if you wish to donate to the CHOPtalk program.

Becca Partington The CAST Projects Choptalk
David Lyon The CAST Projects Cjoptalk

David Lyon is a Warkworth resident and a healthy food and sustainability promoter who runs The Abundance Project. David works with the youth in the kitchen to teach healthy food and cooking skills.

For more information about The Abundance Project email David:


"Before going to CHOPTalk I didn't share my feelings or tell my friends about them, now I tell my friends about my emotions."

-Youth participant

"We learned how to share our feelings and put the wordless into words"
-Youth participant


Kids learning activity

CHOPtalk The CAST Projects choptalk


"This program allowed me to get closer to my friends"

-Youth participant



'We could trust each other to share because what happens in CHOPtalk stays in CHOPtalk"

-Youth participant

Choptalk The CAST projects
Choptalk Chop Talk The CAST Projects Warkworth ON

"Before I went to CHOPtalk
I only knew how to cook noodles.
Now I know how to cook a
whole whack of healthy food!"

-Youth participant

Choptalk Graduattion ! #1
Graduation Day CHOPtalk #1
The CAST Projects Choptalk Graduation Group 2
Graduation Day CHOPtalk #2
t. Pauls Warkworth ON


St.Paul's United Church donates the space and kitchen.

We are very grateful!



Are you ...

Interested in sponsoring or donating to CHOPtalk?
Would you like more information about CHOPtalk?
Feel free to contact Becca Partington at:



How do kids get to and from the program?
The kids walk directly from the school to the Gathering Place at St. Paul's. The 6:30 pick
up time is the responsibility of parents or guardians.

What if my child has an allergy?
We are more than happy to connect with parents in order to create an accommodating
environment for all youth.

Who do I let know if my child is going to miss a week?
Email Becca Partington

How do I register?
To find out when sessions are running email Becca to enquire about time and availability.

When does the program run?
Tuesdays after school.

Is there a cost to attend?
No - we make every effort to cover program costs ourselves - donations and
sponsorship opportunities are always welcome though!

I'd like to help. How do I donate?
Email Becca below.


I'd like to donate, do you issue tax receipts?
Yes. The CAST Projects is a fully Registered Canadian charity.


Questions or to make a referral:         

Questions about The CAST Projects: becca@thecastprojects.ca



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