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Julie Brundle Opening Remarks, Luncheon

Ideas collected at Sept 25 lunch

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Julie Brundle, Psychological Associate, PRHC

The John Howard Society, Peterborough branch

KSAC, Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre

Paul Fox, therapist

Judy Johnson, therapist

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Welcome to T.I.P.

Creating a trauma informed community...


Trauma Informed Peterborough (T.I.P.) is a group of Peterborough organizations and professionals who share a passion to promote and educate about trauma awareness in the community.

Trauma Informed Peterborough first
              meeting Sept 25, 2013

First meeting: call out to the community Sept. 25, 2013

Our first meeting was a call-out to the community for ideas, Sept 25, 11:45 - 1:30 at the Peterborough Public Library. It was successful - more than 30 people made an appearance and after a brief introduction from spokesperson Julie Brundle and comments from board member Craig Hurst, folks walked around and shared ideas on flipcharts.

Julie Brundle Geting things

We asked:

  • Who else should be supporting or benefiting from the network?
  • Which sectors or issues should we target as a priority?
  • Where could we get funding?
  • Existing resources - do you have trauma related workshops? Online? Books?
  • What else should we be asking - other ideas.

> More on the [ Feedback collected ]

Next Steps will be announced soon. We would still like to hear from you! Please fill out the "TIP online form" found on the sidebar.


Draft Mission: "Reduce Suffering and Improve Quality of Life."

Draft Vision: We envision - "A community with less trauma-based suffering due to the increased awareness of the impact (emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological) of traumatic stress and improved access to trauma-informed resources and services."

Background: Research shows that this will reduce adverse effects of addiction, interactions with the law and mental health issues. It also shows that education, career and personal relationships improve substantially. our revised mandate of "Reducing Suffering" to create community based education and networks with a trauma lens. We have been nurturing a small working group under the auspices of the non-profit called Trauma Informed Peterborough, which includes local therapists interested in network development and engagement. As we re-brand we are actively changing our name and language to include our updated Mission and Vision statements.


  • Seek out and support local initiatives with similar agenda - e.g. - Nov 15 Hospice event.
  • Identify gaps and needs, find or develop and deliver training.
  • Provide training and education in the most accessible manner possible.
  • Advocate for change in systems, from service providers through justice and education.
  • Target youth and young families where possible.
  • Work within Peterborough County.
  • Create template or guide for other counties, networks or agencies to follow.