Fundraiser Jan 17, 2017






Past Fundraiser:
Dr. Gabor Mate
Ottawa, May 5, 2016


CHOP-TALK, Fall 2016
A food and emotion focused weekly after school program for grade 7 & 8 students in Warkworth, ON. In partnership with The Abundance Project. More soon!!


Past Project
Trauma Support Group




Becca Partington




W e l c o m e


"Come And Sit Together" - Fundraising Dinner
Jan 17, 2017
St.Pauls United Church, Warkworth, ON
Supporting the CHOP-TALK program in Warkworth and all CAST Projects work




The CAST Projects is a Canadian non-profit corporation with full charitable status.  With headquarters near Peterborough Ontario we became active in 2013 with a small board and a large vision.

Our vision is a Canada where people thrive under adversity and cope with stress caused by traumatic losses and unresolved grief.  Research confirms that these factors play a major role in mental illness, addictions, homelessness and crime.  Our mission is to reduce suffering from these issues and improve quality of life by raising awareness of the role of psycho-emotional trauma among front line social service providers and the families they serve.


Mission: Reduce Suffering and Improve Quality of Life.

Vision: A community with less trauma-based suffering due to the increased awareness of the impact (emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological) of traumatic stress and improved access to trauma-informed resources and services.

Background: Research shows that this will reduce adverse effects of addiction, interactions with the law and mental health issues. It also shows that education, career and personal relationships improve substantially.


  • Identify gaps and needs, find or develop and deliver training.
  • Provide training and education in the most accessible manner possible.
  • Advocate for change in systems, from service providers through justice and education.
  • Target youth and young families where possible.
  • Future - Post secondary education programs.

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